Frequently Asked Questions


How should we dress?

Layers are always the best bet for any Alaskan adventure! Even on our warm and sunny days the weather can quickly change and become chilly! If you layer up you can adjust as quickly as our weather does! T.R,G. will provide rubber over boots, rain gear, and pfd’s. 

What should we bring on the float?

Your camera and smiles! Other than that we suggest you leave your personal belongings in our office where they will be safely stored until your arrival back in our office!

Will we see wildlife?

We certainly hope so but no guarantees as it is wild! Floating on our rivers provides an excellent opportunity for wildlife sightings as we are quietly going with the flow, so no engine noises to scare away anything that may be just around the river bend.

Why raft with T.R.G.?

Great question!! We are a family mixed of born and raised Talkeetnans and  two decades plus Talkeetnans so you can trust that we love where we live and love what we do! Living in Talkeetna year round means that when you support our family owned business you are also supporting our local Talkeetna economy. The minute you step into the yurt you will be welcomed by a staff that has most likely been with T.R.G. for more than a decade and probably their kids too! We aren’t joking about a family run operation! We pride ourselves on trying to find the balance of preserving what is so special and important about Talkeetna while also sharing it with those from around the world! We value and appreciate our communities support and our aim is to be a business that Talkeetna can stand behind and be proud of!

How do we find your office?

Talkeetna is a dead end town!! From the Parks Highway you will want to turn at the Talkeetna Spur Road turn off at Mile 98. Once on the Talkeetna Spur Road you will continue straight into town, about fifteen miles, and at our one and only stop sign you will take a left onto Main Street. We are located at 13529 Main Street, the yurt on the right hand side, and if you miss us, don’t worry since towns a dead end you’ll just turn around and try again!!

How far is Talkeetna from Anchorage? How far from Denali National Park?

Between contstruction and traffic in Alaska during the summer months we always suggest giving yourself an extra 30 minutes whenever driving. Traveling to/from Anchorage give yourself 2.5 hours. From Denali National Park we suggest a 3 hr window of drive time. 

How do I get to and from the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge?

The Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge has a shuttle that operates every hour to Downtown Talkeetna from the main lobby. The shuttle stop is a short walk to our office on Main Street. The shuttle will pick up at the same drop off location and depart back to the Talkeetna Lodge every half hour.

If you would like to arrange a pickup you may do so at the time of making your reservation.

How do I get to and from McKinley Princess Lodge?

The McKinley Princess lodge is approximately 50 minutes north of Talkeetna. In order to arrive 15 minutes before your float trip for check-in please make sure you are taking a shuttle time that departs 1 hour and 30 minutes before your trip time.

Do you go in the rain?

Yes, we raft rain or shine! We provide head to toe rain gear, rubber overboots, and fleece jackets, gloves, and hats if needed! 

What is your cancellation policy?

Customers will receive a 90% refund with 48 hours or more notice of cancellation-10% will be held for processing fees. There is no refund if cancellation is less than 48 hours. Contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about a cancellation. No-shows will be charged the full price.